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This blog’s purpose is to introduce you to the branding concept, and teach you how to set effective techniques that maintain consistent and appealing communication with the target audience.

So let’s get started.

Cambridge has defined branding as it’s the act of giving a company a particular design or symbol to advertise its products or services. It’s pretty accurate, but let’s remember that it’s more than the visual identity. It’s how to utilize everything you got to distinguish your brand from the competition. In other words, we can define branding as Jeff Bezos’s quote, “Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”


How to improve my brand and develop my market positioning?

Build your brand identity to be a good definition and a presentation of who you are.

Business owners can define their entity according to the business and industry. Think creatively to figure out a way to differentiate yourself from the market and identify your unparalleled USPs (unique selling points).

Identify your core values that will never change. Understand why you are hanging on with these qualities. Furthermore, know how to communicate to deliver your identity concept once you know your audience/customers/clients. Plus, what are the impressions you want to make when they interact with the brand?

The easiest way to recognize your business is by writing a mission explaining the products/services. Afterward, add your core values and your vision in the future to set the target and move forward towards achieving it.

Write about the story behind the business to make people aware and confident of who you are to attach them to the brand.


  • Most people think transparency of brands is one of the most attractive qualities.

At that time, come up with your brand name, craft the logo, and explain how designers must use it. Because it should be immediately recognized by everyone. Not to be misused to is the most critical part.

Bear in mind to look at what your competitors do in the market before selecting any logos, colors, or graphics.


  • The ideal logo that sets you apart from the competitors & presents the business model.
  • The best way to ensure that people know how to use your logo is to show them by not using it.

Create your artwork guidelines, including your official color palette. And even extended color palettes used in different campaigns, your typography (font of visual designs)

At that time, understand how you should communicate with your audience and choose the platforms they use.

Be memorable & impressive, use unique words repeatedly, make your own phrases as it all supports your branding strategy.

Now you’re conscious of your brand and how to express its identity like an experienced marketer.

Other factors affect your brand identity, and all of them revolve around the user experience. For example, how to gratify the emotional connection between you and your customers? What makes them feel appreciated?

Ask them for their feedback, acknowledge the errors and how you state your apology, present gifts and giveaways every now and then.

Give them promo codes, free add-ons with each number of orders, run a creative marketing campaign, help a social movement, etc.

Always keep searching for something extra to offer, even if it costs a bit. Still, it will affect your business flow to grow faster.

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